Radiant heating systems aren’t new. The ancient Romans invented an under-floor radiant heating system called the “hypocaust,” and many other innovators since that time have experimented with radiant methods of heating homes. Over the past century, radiant heating systems have flourished in Europe, and this trend has recently picked up steam in North America. And it’s no wonder. Radiant heating systems are efficient, clean, and quiet.

Homeowners with radiant heating enjoy the following benefits:

Even heat distribution: Since radiant heat warms objects instead of the air, the heat is distributed more evenly throughout the house instead of collecting just under the ceiling.

Increased comfort: With a radiant heating system you can say goodbye to walking around on a chilly floor, and radiant systems heat spaces more quickly than other types of heating systems, so you can reach a comfortable room temperature more quickly.

More design options: Forced-air heating systems require space for bulky ductwork, which can lower ceilings or create odd wall and ceiling shapes, especially in basements. With radiant heating, you don’t have to worry about limiting your ceiling and wall space or moving furniture in odd configurations to leave floor registers uncovered.

Quiet operation: Without a furnace and blowers, your heating system is quiet, leaving your home peaceful and serene.

Less dust: Forced-air heating systems circulate dust, pet dander, and toxins through your house again and again. Even with expensive duct-cleaning surfaces, it’s impossible to remove all of these particles from your air ducts. Radiant heating systems are clean and especially attractive for allergy sufferers.

Programmable operation: It’s very easy to “zone” individual areas of your house for radiant heating, much as you would zone different areas of your yard for sprinklers. Because of the ability to zone, radiant heating is easy to program. You can designate certain areas of your home to be heated at certain times of day, reducing energy costs and keeping everyone comfortable.

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