With winter headed for New Jersey, you need to do whatever you can to keep your energy costs down. Programmable thermostats help you conserve energy without having to sacrifice any of the comforts you are used to. To save the most money possible, you should be familiar with the optimal settings for your thermostat.

Programmable thermostats work by reducing the amount of energy being used when you need it the least. The biggest example is when you are away at work during the day. You should set your system back as much as 8 degrees when you leave, and have it return to your ideal temperature by the time you plan on returning. Ideally, your thermostat is programmed into four periods for each day: morning, daytime, evening, and night. You can also set the temperature back about 4 degrees at night without it affecting your comfort. Rather than having to make these changes to your programmed schedule every day, you can have a program set for each day of the week. That way, if you keep different hours throughout the week, you don’t have to be constantly making adjustments.

If you need to make a quick one-time change, you can use the temporary hold feature to override the next programmed period and adjust it accordingly. It will revert to your saved schedule after that. The vacation hold is similar but intended for long periods of adjustment. As the name implies, it is ideal for when you go on vacation and want to keep your entire house in an energy-efficient mode while you are gone.

If you still have a manual thermostat, you have to make all of these changes yourself and wait for your HVAC system to kick back on after you return home. Upgrading saves you from this inconvenience and can help you save up to 30 percent on your annual energy costs.

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