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Sewer Repair - Water Jetting in Butler, NJ

Water Jetting in Butler, NJ
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Our technicians arrived on the site and we began by locating the 4 inch cast-iron main sewer line in the front of the property. After we located the pipe we then began by excavating to expose the existing cast-iron pipe. Once exposed we cut out approximately a 3 foot section of pipe in order to do a thorough cleaning and a high-pressure water jetting going upstream into the house approximately 35 feet. We removed heavy amounts of sludge and scale buildup and then high-pressure jetted going down stream to the connection of the City main approximately 65 ft.

We also removed heavy amounts of debris using a machine called Maxi Miller picote to grind away scale and debris.  When that was completed we then flushed out the entire system to the best of our abilities we re-camera to inspect the line and ensure proper flow. We found a couple sections of back pitch/belly sections of pipe which holds water we did recommend to install a liner. The liner is recommended because toilet paper and debris can collect in the deposits of the pipe where it holds water. 

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