It’s easy to see how monthly energy bills can quickly add up to major expenditures. If your home is not energy efficient, these expenses will be much higher than necessary. Instead of wasting that extra money on heating and cooling, you’ll never use, invest it in improving your home’s energy efficiency.

Here are a few of the investments you can make that will save energy dollars this winter and in the future.

Have an energy audit performed: An energy audit is a professional evaluation that will show you exactly where your home is losing energy and, by extension, where you are losing money. The auditor will use sophisticated tools, cameras, and other equipment to locate energy leaks, areas where insulation is poor or nonexistent, and spots where you should focus your efforts on sealing gaps and openings.

Insulate and seal: When you know where the energy leaks are, you can confidently invest in improving your home’s insulation level and seal against the weather.

You can: Add insulation where none exists and increase insulation where levels are low. Seal around door and window casings using caulk, inside and out. Make sure the ductwork of your HVAC system is sealed and that all sections fit together tightly. Replace existing windows with more efficient models with features such as low-emission glass or insulated dual-pane construction.

Switch to high-efficiency HVAC equipment and appliances: older furnaces, air conditioners, and other appliances likely are not as efficient as newer models. Look for equipment with the Energy Star symbol on the Energy Guide label, which means the device has been federal government tested and certified to be energy efficient.

Install programmable thermostats: Digital programmable thermostats give you excellent control over the operation of your HVAC system, allowing you to automatically turn the system down and save money when extra heating and cooling aren’t needed.

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