It’s winter in the Garden State, which makes it the perfect time to use some green energy-saving ideas to keep your home warm.

Change Your Air Filter

The number one way to make your HVAC system more efficient is to change the furnace filter regularly. It should be checked at least once a month during the high-use winter months. A clean filter leads to a better air-to-fuel mix in the burn chamber, resulting in more heat and fewer toxic gas emissions. It also protects your blower motor from overworking and provides smoother airflow throughout the system.

Get a Furnace or Heat Pump Service

Lower your energy costs by getting your furnace or heat pump professionally tuned. A professional HVAC tech will make sure the burn ratio in your furnace is correct, as well as make sure the balance point is correctly set on your heat pump.

Buy a Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat allows you to turn the temperature down in your home when you aren’t there or are sleeping. You can significantly cut your energy use by keeping the house between 60 and 65 degrees when you aren’t home. If you’re away for long periods of the day, simply set the thermostat to return to your desired temperature 30 minutes before you’re expected home.

Lower the Temp on Your Thermostat

Consider lowering your “comfort” temperature by two or three degrees. For every degree lower, you can save approximately 3 to 5 percent on your home heating costs. Wear sweaters during the day and throw on an extra blanket at night.

Check Your Insulation

Visually inspect the attic area for damage to, or lack of, insulation. The total R-value of your attic insulation should be between R-38 and R-60. If you don’t have enough insulation, add more.

Use a Humidifier

Dry air can be a problem during the winter because cold air holds less moisture and furnace operation tends to dry out the air as well. When the atmosphere contains more water vapor, people feel warmer and more comfortable at lower temperatures.

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