Work Requests in Summit

Pipe Works Services, Inc. is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Summit. Learn more about Pipe Works Services, Inc.'s recent work requests in Summit and nearby areas!

Learn more about Pipe Works Services, Inc.'S recent work requests in Summit, NJ
Vicinity of Beekman Terrace in Summit
Two different things: 1) outdoor foucet in front of house is leaking. Looks old, probably needs to be replaced 2) upstairs shower, one or the knobs (the one that controls the temperature) doesn't seam to be working anymore. Knob spins but temp is not longer impacted. Shower is one of those multi-jet showers.
Vicinity of Stockton Rd in Summit
Need outside central ac unit replaced
Vicinity of Greenfield Ave in Summit
More efficient cooling of the house. Currently have 3 window ACs; 4 including the attic when company comes.
Vicinity of Ashwood Ave in Summit
I need 2 sillcocks installed. 1) Current sillcock on the house is leaky and likely neds to be replaced. 2) install sillcock and add connection for sink in the garage (water already connected to garage). Would prefer quote with parts and labor broken out if possible. Thanks!
Vicinity of Madison Ave in Summit
I need a 240v outlet installed in the garage and would like to get a quote ASAP
Vicinity of Broad Street in Summit
We have a gas meter in our basement that we would like relocated to the exterior of the house (on the same wall).
Vicinity of Little Wolf Road in Summit
I moved into a new (old) home in summit nj at the end of September. the home inspection did not find problems with insulation. however, the house always feel cold and since January we have been unable to maintain a temperature above 65-68 if the outside temperature is below 50. after 3 hvac contractors gave us varying assessments of what was wrong with our furnace, the last one said the furnace was probably ok and the problem was likely the house's ability to hold heat. he did a thermal image (I don't have a copy but maybe can get one) and saw big problems. I would like to do a home energy audit to try to determine how to fix the problem of lack of comfort in the home. Additionally, I would like a quote for a whole house generator.
Vicinity of in Summit
I need a shut-off valve installed on a gas line that would lead into a dryer.
Vicinity of Blackburn Place in Summit
Considering adding more insulation to the attic, specifically spray foam
Vicinity of Ashwood Ave in Summit
Insulation and air leakage
Vicinity of Broad Street in Summit
I have a concern with my basement furnace as it is not blowing out warm air at the times it is programmed to do so.
Vicinity of Oakland Place in Summit
Have a chronically ill son. Need airways cleaned.
Vicinity of Lowell Ave in Summit
Clogged bathroom sink
Vicinity of Mead Court in Summit
I am getting the house ready for sale but the furnace requires a specific chimney vent. The person I will hire would interact with the Summit (City) home inspector through final inspection. If you are able to assist with this project soon, please contact me. Thank you.
Vicinity of Colony Dr in Summit
Hello, We have a few issues that we would like to fix: 1. POWDER ROOM TOILET RUNNING 2. 2ND FLOOR KID'S BATHROOM TOILET RUNNING. 3. KITCHEN FAUCET IS LEAKING AT THE SPOUT We have been advised that the powder room toilet needs a new fill valve, the 2nd floor bathroom needs a new flapper, the kitchen faucet needs to be replaced and the house needs a pressure reducing valve installed. We would like to get a quote on everything, and are looking to fix the toilets ASAP. Thank you, Tyler
Vicinity of Lowell Ave in Summit
Install new Kitchen Faucets I have faucets arriving on Wednesday need appointment for Friday this week
Vicinity of Pine Grove in Summit
Need gas line install services asap
Vicinity of Lenox Rd in Summit
Popping noises in water heater. Need to flush sediment
Vicinity of Greenbriar Drive in Summit
Insulation; Hot Water Heater Replacement; Furnace Replacement
Vicinity of Denman Place in Summit
Looking for ductless ac units for the house, just need the AC, no heat pump
Vicinity of Ashland Rd in Summit
Want an estimate to replace a boiler
Vicinity of Webster Ave in Summit
Ductless HVAC for my living room and dining room
Vicinity of Canoe Brook Parkway in Summit
Fix p trap drain on kitchen sink.
Vicinity of Tanglewood Dr in Summit
Kitchen sink drain clogged
Vicinity of Karen Way in Summit
Water softener not operating properly I might need an upgrade
Vicinity of Greenbriar Drive in Summit
Outdated forced air HVAC. Leaves parts of the house considerably hotter/cooler than others.
Vicinity of Ashland Rd in Summit
Moen Shower Handle. Some reason the shower won't turn on with the handle. Checked handle to see if anything was loose - tighten up loose screws and re-aligned handle, but water still does not turn on. Concerned that there is an issue with the pipe feeding water to the shower
Vicinity of Parkview Terrace in Summit
AC is currently not working. Need a quote for new compressor/coil and service. Please send someone ASAP and call or email me to schedule a time.
Vicinity of Canoe Brook Parkway in Summit
I have a leaky shower faucet. It is new, Moen. Cartridge faucet. How much is it to fix and can you be available to fix it the afternoon of 7/22?
Vicinity of Fay Place in Summit
I would like an estimate for 2 jobs: 1) unclogging a bathroom sink drain (water goes down very slowly) 2) installing new faucet on same bathroom sink Thanks.
Vicinity of PAssaic Ave in Summit
We have some duct work in the basement that needs to be replaced.
Vicinity of Linden Place in Summit
We need to install an additional sump pump in our basement. Need an estimate and then (if fair) follow up promptly with the work.
Vicinity of Ridgedale Ave in Summit
WE currently have a 3.5 ton carrier central AC system, just for cooling. It is about 30 years old and needs to be replaced. It still works but we know eventually its going to be done. We would like someone to give us a quote for replacing the system.
Vicinity of Colt Rd in Summit
I am interested in having some insulation work done in my attic.
Vicinity of New England Avenue in Summit
I need to replace my furnace immediately and getting 0% financing would allow me to move forward.
Vicinity of Lavina Ct in Summit
No hot water
Vicinity of Passaic Avenue in Summit
Our basement needs to be insulated.
Vicinity of Evergreen Road in Summit
I would like an estimate on winterizing a crawl space in my house
Vicinity of Park Avenue in Summit
I'm looking to get heat into my office. We have been using a wood burning stove for years but the placement makes for poor circulation.
Vicinity of Woodland Avenue in Summit
We would like to install A/C on the first floor of our house.
Vicinity of Baltusrol Rd in Summit
Looking for a quote for an AC install on my home. I live in Summit, NJ in a 1950 cape cod with approximately 1300 sq feet of living space.
Vicinity of Ashland Road in Summit
Need to replace hot and cold water value and faucet hose under kitchen sink
Vicinity of Springfield Ave in Summit
Need to diagnose a significant drop in water pressure.
Vicinity of Webster Ave in Summit
Insulating ductwork in garage
Vicinity of Hillcrest in Summit
2 separate issues: 1. Ice damming 2. Daughter's room is colder than rest of house (3 exterior walls and crawl space above her room)
Vicinity of Summit Ave in Summit
I have only a crawl space in my attic with old cellulose insulation that is 60 years old. i want it removed and i want new insulation.
Vicinity of Iris Road in Summit
We have two water pipes on our first floor of our house that froze multiple times last winter. Looking to add additional insulation around the pipes to prevent this from happening again.
Vicinity of Park Ave in Summit
The AC system is not working right now. The fan seemed to stopped. Please send someone to help as soon as you can. Thanks!
Vicinity of Westminster Road in Summit
The return pipe of the stream heating system Too old and little leaking, need to replace a new pipe. Look forward to hearing from you, thank you.
Vicinity of Plain St in Summit
Faucet in the Backyard probably broke in the Winter and are now leaking in the basement.