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Sump Pumps - Replacement of Sump Pump in Mine Hill, NJ

Replacement of Sump Pump in Mine Hill, NJ
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Sump discharge line was broken by delivery company. Pipe Works Services will remove and dispose of existing pedestal pump and corrugated discharge line. Install new Zoeller sump pump in existing pit. Install new pipe and fitting required to run entire new PVC discharge out through siding. Install splash block and dump sump pump discharge into splash block. Fedi said the basement currently has about 4” of water. Use trash pump to remove water in basement with hose out through window into storm drain on street. Allow pump to remove all water in basement. Water has also wet pilot assembly in water heater, attempted to light several times, heater is 6 years old and advised customer she should allow burner assembly to dry and attempt to relight pilot. Not able to keep pilot on due to water saturated burner assembly. If pilot does not stay lit after it is dry we will need to replace burner assembly for water heater. Removed and disposed of old pump, installed new sump pump drilled hole through existing cover , installed new check valve ran new discharge line out through siding. Cleared electrical panel and generator panel , secured piping to concrete wall with split rings and threaded rod anchored. Also used hanger to secure to Joyce. Ran piping into spalsh block outside to divert water away from home. Tested several times ensured no leaks and proper operation.

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