While several home-improvement projects present a reasonable challenge to homeowners who like do-it-yourself tasks, furnace installation is not one of them. There are certain tools and skills needed to properly install and connect a furnace, and these skills and tools typically belong to a qualified, licensed HVAC contractor.

Since the process of furnace installation usually starts with the removal of the current furnace, specific equipment is needed to reclaim the refrigerant in the system to recycle the gas properly. In addition, the current plumbing system may need alterations to fit the new furnace, which requires the use of specific (and usually expensive) plumber tools.

After removing the current furnace, some of the necessary tools for furnace installation include a two-stage vacuum pump to pull the moisture and air out of the copper tubing, brazing tools, and refrigeration gauges to connect the furnace to the air conditioning system. You will also need pure nitrogen to pass through the copper tubing during the brazing process. Proper installation also requires a thorough knowledge of how to attach the furnace correctly without releasing carbon monoxide into the home and may require ductwork modification. This requires specific tools and knowledge about how to work with sheet metal.

In addition, furnace installation often requires the acquisition of local building permits and more than one inspection to verify that the furnace installation meets local codes and regulations. This all supposes that you can buy your new furnace individually or online. Many furnace companies restrict purchases to qualified HVAC professionals to ensure the purchase of the correct furnace size and installation by a qualified technician. Many furnace warranties are considered invalid if the furnace is not purchased directly by a qualified dealer and the installation is performed by a licensed contractor.

Installing a new furnace is not a task to take lightly. If you need a new furnace, contact the professionals at Pipe Works Services.

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