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Water Treatment

If you want clear and safe water then water treatment is an absolute must.

It's easy enough to take water quality for granted. We tend to assume that our water is clean and safe by default. Unfortunately, this belief can be quite dangerous.

While water quality in America is generally quite high, millions of Americans face serious water problems every year. In fact, the number of Americans drinking contaminated water may be as high as 45 million a year.

Don't let you and your family be a part of that number! Here at Pipe Works Services, Inc., we can provide you with the water treatment services you need to keep your water healthy and contaminant free. Contact our experts today and schedule your free estimate in New Jersey, including Madison, Chatham, Summit, and areas nearby!

Common water problems and their side effects: 

  • Cloudy water- Sediments like clay, sand or rust make water look dirty
  • Bad odor- Hydrogen sulfide makes water smell like rotten eggs
  • Hard water- Leads to Lime scale buildup in pipes
  • Taste- Moldy or musty tastes come from organic matter in the water supplies

Water treatment options:

Once our system design specialists determine the correct application for your home, our water softening, conditioning, and filtration units are installed quickly, being completed in under a day.

  • Whole house water filters

    Most homeowners know that drinking unclean water is not a good idea. However, far too few homeowners know that there is a roughly one in four chance, in the U.S, that your tap water is improperly monitored or unsafe. While you could turn to store bought filters and bottled water, neither method is actually much safer.

    The only truly reliable way to ensure the water you and your family drink is free of contaminants is to install a whole house water filter. This filter will carefully clean the water throughout your home so you can rest easy knowing your water is safe.

  • Water conditioning systems

    A water conditioner is a system that makes a drastic improvement to the quality of your water. If you have sulfur or other acidic compounds in your water, often signaled with a foul smell, then a water conditioner is what you need. A water conditioner can improve your water quality in a variety of ways including reducing hardness, manganese, and iron.

  • Water Softeners

    If you have noticed a film coating your glassware or shower doors, then you most likely have a hard water issue. Hard water refers to water with a very high mineral content. As a result, it causes a variety of problems, including skin irritation, clogged pipes, and damaged appliances.

    Luckily there is a solution. Our environmentally friendly water softeners, which deliver the clear, soft, and odor free water your family needs. The tank combines activated carbon, which removes chlorine and unpleasant tastes, with resin, which offers superior softening capabilities, to effectively reduce your water's mineral content.

    Our water softeners prevent hard water from damaging your home and causing health issues for you and your family!

Get started on your water treatment with a free estimate!

Do you have problems with hard water, foul smells, or concerns about contaminants in your water? While these problems might seem minor at first, they can quickly add up. Don't wait! Ensure your home is safe and protected with the help of your local water treatment experts at Pipe Works Services, Inc..

Contact us today and schedule your free estimate in Madison, Chatham, Summit, Short Hills, Union, Florham Park, Basking Ridge, Clifton, Somerset, Millburn, and nearby NJ!

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