Furnaces are supposed to run quietly in the background, but if you have an ailing furnace on your hands, you could be hearing clicks, pops, and booms. If these sounds have you worried — and they should– it’s time to give a New Jersey technician a call. To satisfy your curiosity, here’s a look at what’s probably causing your ailing furnace to make such a racket.

Clicks before the gas ignite: The flame sensor is responsible for telling the furnace when the gas is lit. If the furnace runs, but you hear a series of clicks before the gas ignites, the sensor may need to be cleaned. Turn off the furnace and rub the sensor down with sandpaper. If this doesn’t fix the problem, it may need to be replaced.

Pops or booms in the ductwork: When metal ducts expand, they may make popping or booming sounds. To repair the issue, a technician may need to install flexible insulation in the ductwork. This should lessen the noise a bit.

Booms when the furnace ignites: The sound is probably coming from the burners, a series of pipes beneath the flames. When carbon and ash build up on the burners over time, the gas can’t easily get through. It eventually pushes its way through the debris, and the gas is lit with a boom! An ailing furnace can also create a series of booms as the burners light in succession. This issue can cause serious damage to the equipment. To fix the problem, a technician can clean the burners and end the threat to your furnace’s life.

Squeals from the blower: If your ailing furnace is squealing, the belt could be the cause. You are familiar with belts breaking in cars, and the same thing can happen to the blower belt. Replace it now before the belt fails altogether.

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