Window condensation can be a puzzling problem in your New Jersey home. If this is a new problem in your home, it could mean that your A/C unit is not functioning properly. There are also a few other reasons that you may be collecting moisture on your windows. To troubleshoot this issue, read on.

Common Causes of Window Condensate
  • Older, single-pained windows can cause moisture to build up on the warmer side of the window. In this case, if it is warmer in your house than outside, you may notice moisture pooling or drip off of your windows (much like how a glass of ice water will “sweat” in a warm room).
  • You have too much moisture building up in your home. Be sure to use ventilation fans in your kitchen and bathrooms to help reduce the moisture that builds up in your home.
  • Be sure that your clothes dryer is venting properly. If the vent is not going directly outside or is damaged and leaking into the house, you should replace it promptly. Make it an annual task to clean your dryer vent out to keep it free of lint and other debris. A damaged or leaky vent can cause excessive moisture in the house.
  • Your A/C unit’s dehumidifier may not be functioning properly, or at all. If window condensation is a new issue in your home, it very well could be that your A/C unit is having a difficult time removing the excess moisture from the air as it conditions it. You should contact a trusted HVAC technician to come and inspect the unit and be sure that it is functioning properly.

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