If you felt your furnace was on its last legs this winter but decided to tough it out, you made a wise decision. Whether you fell victim to sticker shock when pricing out a new unit or simply didn’t have the funds at the time, replacing the furnace in the spring will ease your financial burden. Here are some great reasons why now the time is to buy:

  • There is a lull in the HVAC business at this time of year: February to May is a traditionally slow period for HVAC contractors. Replacing the furnace at this time of year means you won’t be vying for their time along with everyone else, and that can translate into savings for you.
  • Take advantage of the old model year: Manufacturers may be trying to make room for new models, and there may be great discounts for you on the current ones. Be sure to inquire if there are any closeout sales.
  • Supply and demand are on your side: Replacing the furnace in the middle of winter, puts you at a distinct disadvantage on many levels. Emergency service can lead to overtime rates, and equipment prices are at a premium. Waiting until the spring, when contractors are competing for your business, puts you in the position to negotiate a better deal.
  • You have time to shop around: Rather than feeling pressure to buy what’s available when you must have it, a spring purchase allows you the freedom to buy the most efficient system you can afford, at the best price you can find.

Now is a great time for replacing the furnace in your home. Give us a call at Pipe Works Services. Our dedication to quality service, at a great price, is why we have remained a favorite among the residents of Chatham, and the surrounding counties of Essex, Somerset, Union, and Morris.

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