Pipe Works Services believes in the importance of maintaining a healthy, comfortable, and valuable home. What better way to do just that than by contacting us to diagnose your home for energy upgrades and repairs?

With our unique home energy audit in New Jersey, we will be able to identify those areas in your home that may be costing you money that you weren’t even aware you were spending! Once the areas are pointed out, we then suggest the perfect repairs, upgrades, and installations that pay for themselves! We are trained and certified to perform the work in house without the help of any subcontractors.

And there are many state and federal rebates and other energy savings applicable to the work we provide!

Energy Rebates & Savings in New Jersey

Pipe Works Services provides access to rebates and incentives applicable to energy upgrades

Rebates & Incentives Applicable to Energy Upgrades
Since we at Pipe Works Services are all about savings and value, we want to direct your attention to the resourceful rebate programs and incentives that we provide, in addition to what New Jersey offers its residents.

Once your home is more energy efficient, you’ll notice a vast increase in comfort. From comfortable, even room temperatures throughout the home, to being able to walk barefoot on the hardwood floor, the disappearance of drafts, and more—energy upgrades save you money and improve your home’s comfort.

Let’s get started with some energy savings in New Jersey! We are your resource for a comprehensive home energy audit to diagnose the areas where your home is least efficient and costing you money! We offer many services from home energy conservation, renewable energy, air sealing, radiant barrier installation, and home insulation in Chatham, Madison, Summit, Short Hills, Union, Florham Park, Basking Ridge, Clifton, Somerset, Millburn, and more!

Energy Rebates and Incentives in New Jersey

Take advantage of New Jersey’s energy efficiency incentive program and receive up to $5,000 in cash-back rewards and up to $15,000 in zero-interest financing for upgrading your home. By participating in this program, you can lower your household energy bills, improve comfort, and make your home more energy efficient.

To begin your journey, start with our Home Energy Audit, which is the initial step required to participate in these renowned programs. Through the energy audit, you’ll receive a comprehensive evaluation of your home’s energy performance, allowing you to identify areas of improvement.

New Jersey’s incentive program offers homeowners cash-back incentives and financing options specifically for upgrading insulation, heating systems, and air-conditioning systems. By taking advantage of these incentives, you can enhance the energy efficiency of your home and reap the benefits of reduced energy costs and increased comfort.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to participate in these award-winning programs. Start with our Home Energy Audit and unlock the financial rewards and financing options available to you for making energy-efficient upgrades to your home in New Jersey.

Pipe Works Services participates in several financial incentive programs, including:

  • Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Program
  • JCPL

For a valuable list of energy rebates in NJ, visit the State of New Jersey’s energy rebate site. Once on the site, just locate New Jersey and read about the programs for which you qualify.

Have questions? We’d love to answer any of your questions about how you can best utilize the rebates and incentives.
Trusted Energy Contractor
As your trusted energy contractor in New Jersey, we are certified and trained to suggest the appropriate repairs and provide the work. Contact us today regarding rebates and savings, and schedule a home energy audit in Summit, Madison, Chatham, and Northern and Central NJ, including Basking Ridge, Short Hills, Union, Millburn, Clifton, Somerset, Florham Park, and more!

Start Saving Energy & Money with Home Energy Rebates in NJ

Call (973) 657-5771 or contact us online to schedule a home energy audit and home energy repairs. Pipe Works Services offers many services for which you can apply energy rebates or specified energy savings in Chatham, Summit, Madison, and all surrounding cities and towns.

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