At Pipe Works Services, we value our customers and want to help you save money on making your home a more comfortable place to live. Part of that is staying current with all available rebate programs as well as manufacturer and tax incentives for HVAC products and systems.

That’s why we’re excited to help our customers take advantage of the newly enacted Inflation Reduction Act!

Inflation Reduction Act Tax Credits & Rebates

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA)** provides contractors with additional opportunities to provide homeowners with tax credit and rebate programs. The Inflation Reduction Act was recently signed and passed by Congress in an effort to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 40% by 2030, this is awiting to be implemented by individual states.

New federal income tax credits are available through 2032 providing up to $3,200 annually to lower the cost of energy efficient home upgrades by up to 30 percent! We will keep you updated as changes occur. For additional details please refer to the government website.

Inflation Reduction Act Tax Credits & Rebates

This includes upgrades for installing qualifying heat pumps, heat pump water heaters, insulation, doors and windows, as well as electrical panel upgrades, home energy audits and more. If approved, these tax credits will help potential homeowners save money on their monthly energy bills for years to come. With Pipe Works Services, you can save up to 30 percent with some great energy efficient home upgrades!

**This program is still evolving.

Section 25C Residential Tax Credits

Section 25C of the IRA provides incentives and tax credits for specific types of HVAC systems that meet energy efficiency criteria. Eligible equipment includes:

  • Rooftop solar, wind energy, and geothermal heat pumps.
  • Heat pumps and heat pump water heaters.
  • Energy-efficient HVAC systems (including furnaces, boilers, and central AC).
  • Electrical Systems
  • Home Insulation
  • HVAC Systems

This tax credit is effective for products purchased and installed between January 1, 2023, and December 31, 2032. All ducted heat pumps that have earned the ENERGY STAR label are eligible, as well as certified mini-split systems (non-ducted) with sufficient SEER ratings.

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The IRA is a great opportunity to save money both on the installation cost of your new systems as well as save on your ongoing monthly utility expenses. To learn more, please contact our team today!