No, years ago the only way to repair a line was excavating but we have the trenchless technology that will require little to no digging.

Cellulose is “eco-friendly” and manufactured with 80% post-consumer recycled newsprint. It’s treated with non-toxic borate compounds that are fire, insect, and mold-resistant. If animals or insects consume cellulose, it prompts a speedy exit from your residence.

The Cellulose Insulation Manufacturers Association states that insulating a 1500 sq. ft house with cellulose will recycle 40-plus years of an individual’s daily newspaper subscription. If we installed cellulose in all new homes, it would remove more than 3.2 million tons of newsprint from landfills and recycling centers every year. Less than 10% of the new homes built today use cellulose. This is a lost opportunity for “green” points, as it requires less energy than manufacturing fiberglass. Cellulose insulation is fire-resistant and safe for your family. There’s been propaganda generated by the fiberglass industry warning that cellulose could burn. Third-party independent testing proves it’s safe and cellulose meets all building codes.

Many industry professionals validate this fact and consider cellulose to be more fire-safe than fiberglass. The cellulose fibers are packed tightly which restricts airflow in the walls, preventing the spread of fire. Fiberglass requires trapped air for effectiveness because cellulose is made from wood fiber and is more resistant to conducting heat.

Conventional water heaters usually last between 8 and 10 years. It should be noted that the lowest-priced storage water heater can be more expensive to operate and maintain over the long term.

An oversized unit might seem, more impressive, but it’s higher in price and increases your energy costs. A single-family storage water heater offers a reservoir of 20 to 80 gallons of hot water. The hot water is released from the top of the tank when you turn on the tap. Cold water replaces that hot water, by entering the bottom of the tank until it’s full. Conventional storage water heater fuel sources include natural gas, propane, fuel oil, and electricity. Learn more about fuel types available when selecting a new water heater. Since water is constantly heated in the tank, energy can be wasted even when a hot water tap isn’t running. Some storage water heater models have heavily insulated tanks, which significantly reduces heat losses and lower annual costs.

Before buying a new water heater, consider the following: size and first-hour rating, fuel type and availability, and energy efficiency and costs. After your water heater is properly installed and maintained, try some additional energy-saving strategies to help lower your water heating bills.

If your drain makes a gurgling noise, you may need to snake the drain to pull out hair and debris. It may also mean you have a bigger issue with your main sewer line that can back up sewage. Having that line viewed with a video camera inspection is important to see what the issue may be.

There are different reasons for a clogged toilet. If a toilet backs up and no other fixtures seem to be involved, the blockage is most likely just in or near the toilet. If it’s a soft clog like paper or a hard clog, like a child’s toy.

Having a plumber clear a toilet-only clog can cost $109-$273 or more. Sometimes the obstruction needs to be extracted with a toilet auger, a short cable-like device inside a long pole, or the toilet needs to be removed and re-installed back with a new wax ring. If you leave your clogged toilet unresolved it could incur additional fees to resolve.

ProWool Premium Insulation is an effective and dynamic solution to home insulation. What makes the product notably unique is that ProWool is made from rock, having many more advantages that other insulation materials and products cannot provide. ProWool is the best insulation option for homeowners and families with allergy and asthma sensitivites.

ProWool Rockwool Insulation is 100% inorganic, with no added chemicals and comes pet resistant and fireproof. ProWool Insulation is mildew and mold growth resistant as well as odorless.

ProWool Insulation allows provides homeowners with thermal insulation that comes with noise reduction, durability and convenience that will last for years to come.

Pipe Works Services installs spray foam, Silver Glo insulation, Pro Wool, and cellulose.

Floor insulation can be valuable for many reasons. Our crawl space encapsulation system will solve all these problems.

The choice between the two depends on your specific needs, as well as your budget. While both brands are well-regarded in the HVAC industry and offer high-quality products, Lennox has a long history of reliability and being built with better quality than all other manufacturers. Factors like energy efficiency, cooling capacity, features, warranties, and customer reviews must be considered. Consulting with a member of our team on which they would recommend will provide the best insight to help you with your final decision.

Right here at Pipe Works Services.

Pipe Works Services will service Rinnai tankless water heaters.

Yes, you can heat your home in NJ with a heat pump. The Mitsubishi Hyper heat guarantees heating capability down to -13 degrees Fahrenheit and it delivers up to 100% heating capacity at 5 degrees Fahrenheit.

There are many reasons why your heat could be coming out cold. Here are some things you can do check why:

  • Check the thermostat- it could be something with your settings that is off.
  • Check your air filter – a dirty air filter will restrict airflow causing your unit to overheat and blow cold air. It could be a pilot light or ignition problem. You may have a flame sensor issue, clogged condensate drain lines, a gas supply issue , duct issue or many other causes could be causing this.

Please contact us to look at your heating system if you are still having an issue so we can properly diagnose and fix this for you.

If your power keeps tripping, the most common reason is that you have a tripped circuit breaker that has overloaded. Each of your circuits can only handle a limited amount of electrical power. Should it go over the limit, this will result in a tripped circuit breaker – Our Electrician can help fix the power tripping issues in your home.

Picking a generator comes down to reliability and longevity, which should be your top priority when choosing any whole home generator. Generac is good if you are only looking for a slightly more cost-effective way to get a bit of extra power. But Kohler generators are unbeatable with their efficiency, longevity and dependability.

We know that installing a whole house generator is a financial investment. However, this initial expense can save you thousands in the long run. Power outages do more than just cut out the lights. All appliances from refrigerators to sump pumps are unable to function. This can cause a variety of unexpected costly problems for you.

We get this question a lot! The real answer depends on a few different factors. These include the type of filter you’re using, how clean your HVAC system is, the manufacturer-recommended schedule, and your home environment. Things like an older, dusty system and a house full of pets and children might mean more often, for example. The best solution is to schedule a maintenance visit and ask one of our expert technicians!

More and more homeowners are finding the answer to be yes! Ductless mini-splits are not just a more eco-friendly way to keep your home comfortable, they afford a lot of benefits that a traditional central forced-air system simply cannot. From customized temperate zones to highly efficient, quiet cooling (and even heating!), ductless mini-splits are often a great option to consider.

The best HVAC system for your home will depend on a few different things. Your budget, your home’s size and layout, and other factors like the condition of your ductwork, the types of features you want, and even how long you plan on staying in your current home can matter. The best solution? Contact our HVAC experts today for a consultation!