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Pipe Works Services is not only your local contractor for plumbing emergencies, electrical, insulation, heating, and air conditioning – we are also a proud and active member of the Northern NJ community. Whether we are providing expert advice, sponsoring an event, or raising funds for a local charity, you can count on us!

Kailyn Reyes hired as the first female HVAC tech

Given Kailyn’s fantastic work ethic, marketing Manager Ellen Cagnassola thought she would make a great addition to the service department team.

Pipe Works Services Announces First Female HVAC Tech Employee

“Being a female in a male-dominated industry means I work hard like everyone else, and I plan on becoming a valuable employee by learning all facets of HVAC.” — Reyes

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Pablo Gomez named April’s Tech of the Month

HVAC technician, Pablo Gomez makes an effort to connect with customers personally, providing quality services that are both lasting and meaningful:

Tech of the Month: April 2019

“Pablo is the most requested HVAC technician in the company, and many of the younger ones look up to him. He is reliable, punctual, professional, and super knowledgeable. Customers love him because he is talented but also explains the problems in relatable terms.” — Pipe Works Services Marketing Manager, Ellen Cagnassola.

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Pipe Works Services featured in New Jersey 101.5

Pipe Works Services owner, Paul Giglio was quoted in New Jersey 101.5 discussing fatbergs in New Jersey:

‘Fatbergs’ Growing in NJ Sewers Could Blow Through Toilets, Sinks

A fatberg is a collection of products and substances that build up as people flush their feminine products, dental floss, baby wipes, cooking fat, grease, and other garbage down their toilets or drains.

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Pipe Works Services featured in CBS New York

Fatbergs in New Jersey
Pipe Works Services owner, Paul Giglio was quoted in CBS New York discussing fatbergs in New Jersey:

‘Fatberg’ Caused Raw Sewage To Flood Basement

“All that flow is coming down this line, hits this clog, now it has nowhere to go so it has to back up,” Giglio said. His plumbing company, Pipe Works Services, has seen dozens of people affected by fatbergs in the last year. “Baby wipes, feminine products, the introduction of all that stuff…dental floss, we’ve pulled out dental floss that looks like a mop,” he said.

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Ellen Cagnassola featured on

Plumbing Marketing Expert in Greater New Jersey
Ellen Cagnassola, Pipe Works Services Marketing Manager, was featured on explaining how participating in trade shows and home shows could boost a plumber’s business:

27 Plumber Marketing Ideas From the Pros

“Trade shows or home shows give you an in-person opportunity to educate and explain your services. Customer service is really important and when you explain your process in a manner that is ‘white glove,’ people are intrigued.” — Cagnassola


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