It’s easy enough to take water quality for granted. We tend to assume that our water is clean and safe by default. Unfortunately, this belief can be quite dangerous.

While water quality in America is generally quite high, millions of Americans face serious water problems every year. The number of Americans drinking contaminated water may be as high as 45 million a year.

Don’t let you and your family be a part of that number! Here at Pipe Works Services, we can provide you with the water treatment services you need to keep your water healthy and contaminant free. Contact our experts today and schedule your free estimate in New Jersey, including Madison, Chatham, Summit, and Northern and Central NJ!

Common water problems and their side effects:
  • Cloudy water- Sediments like clay, sand, or rust make the water look dirty
  • Bad odor- Hydrogen sulfide makes water smell like rotten eggs
  • Hard water- Leads to Limescale buildup in pipes
  • Taste- Moldy or musty tastes come from organic matter in the water supplies