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    Sewer Line Repair in Chatham, Madison, and Serving Northern & Central, NJSewer lines can be damaged, even when there are no visible signs of a problem. These issues could be lurking beneath your home, out of sight, and ready to wreak havoc on your home’s sewer line. We offer estimates to inspect your sewer line so we can save you time and money if there is a problem.

    Our technicians are trained to detect potential sewer problems, like pipe blockage, leaking joints, tree roots, or broken pipes. If ignored, these problems can lead to even bigger issues for your home and your wallet.

    We inspect or repair your sewer lines to give you peace of mind that issues won’t arise in the future. If you’ve noticed any sign of sewer line damage or need our technicians to inspect, call Pipe Works Services immediately. We offer estimates for sewer line repair throughout the Chatham area and Northern and Central NJ.

    Let us be your first call for any of your home’s sewer line needs. To learn more about the condition of your home’s sewer lines, call (973) 657-5771 or click below to schedule a sewer line repair estimate. We proudly serve Chatham, Madison, Summit, and Northern and Central New Jersey. We also offer sewer cleaning services!

    Your biggest investment & protecting it

    Is your home at risk for sewer line damage? Since sewer lines are typically overlooked during home inspections, most property owners just are not aware of the state of their pipes or the extent of damage that can result from sewer line back-ups.

    It is important to know this information and your legal recourse, as this damage is generally not covered by a homeowner’s insurance policy

    Understanding liability & sewer repairs

    When considering the sewer pipes connected to your home and the responsibility of repairing them, you need to know the difference between the upper lateral and the lower lateral sewer lines:

    Upper lateral lines are a part of the home’s sewer line that runs from the structure to the property line, which is commonly the curb or sidewalk. The homeowner is responsible for any repairs to the upper lateral.

    The lower lateral is the section of the home’s sewer line that runs from the property line to the city’s main sewer line in the street. New Jersey home buyers and realtors sometimes assume that any problems passed the property line will be repaired by the city, but that is not always the case. Deciding on whether the homeowner or the municipality is responsible for lower lateral sewer line repair differs across the country.

    Be sure to check your local municipality to assure who the responsible party is. Townships with older homes are more likely to need repairs, including Summit, Madison, Chatham, and Morristown. It is also common that lines in these areas have some combination of cast iron and clay elements, which are more susceptible to sewer line damage as well.

    The risk of sewer line damage

    Some homes are more vulnerable than others. If any of these situations sound familiar, then you should contact the professionals at Pipe Works Services – we provide low-cost video sewer line inspections!

    • Older homes
    • Homes with settlement issues
    • Homes with deep, aggressive tree roots
    • Homes with a prior history of sewer line issues
    • Homes with clay or cast-iron sewer lines
    • Homes with trees growing near or over sewer lines

    Tree root infiltration: small sewer line cracks or holes attract tree growth, as they provide a continued source of water and fertilizer. Tree roots may require a picture treatment to cut all the debris from the pipe’s interior.

    Increased family size: Once a large family moves into an older home previously inhabited by a single resident, existing lines can become overburdened by the drastic increase in usage.

    Schedule a low-cost sewer line inspection today!

    Just because most homeowners do not know the condition of their sewer lines does not make it less of a risk. Understanding your coverage and the extent of sewer line damage is the only way to be fully prepared.

    To schedule a low-cost sewer line inspection or to learn more about our sewer line repair services, call (973) 657-5771 or click below in Madison, Chatham, Summit, Basking Ridge, Short Hills, Union, Millburn, Clifton, Somerset, Florham Park, and Northern and Central NJ today. We offer trusted sewer line repair estimates!

    Schedule a low-cost sewer line inspection today!

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