Stop worrying about power outages with a backup generator installed by Pipe Works Services

    Generator Installation Contractor Serving Northern NJExtreme weather used to be rare. Today it’s the new normal. That’s why many homeowners are protecting themselves from power outages with standby generator installation.

    When severe storms take down the power lines, a whole-house generator can provide backup electrical power to keep key home systems operational.

    With a properly sized home generator, you won’t need to empty your refrigerator or move into a hotel.

    There will be no need to prevail upon friends if you need to take showers, wash clothes or enjoy the comfort of a heated or air-conditioned living space. A home generator comes to the rescue with backup electrical power when the grid goes down.

    If you’re interested in any of our services, call or contact us today to get a no-cost, no-obligation estimate.

    Generators are needed to:
    • Keep refrigerators cold
    • Keep food frozen in freezers
    • Keep lights on during and after storms
    • Charge phones or cars
    • Run sump pumps or water wells
    • Have portable energy
    Home generator services from Pipe Works Services:
    • Estimates for all home generator installations
    • Propane generators
    • Natural gas generators
    • Complete turnkey home generator systems

    Permanent installations are preferable to portable generators

    Pipe Works Services recommends that homeowners opt for a permanent standby generator rather than a portable model. Portable generators can pose safety hazards if they’re not set up or operated correctly.

    In contrast, a permanent standby generator is installed in a safe location and has built-in controls to ensure safe operation under all conditions. Natural gas and propane are the preferred fuels for permanent home generators.

    Permanent installations are preferable to portable generators

    Pipe Works Services installs Kohler brand home generators that are designed to come on automatically when utility-supplied electricity is interrupted.

    Special circuitry installed between the generator and your main electrical service panel can allocate standby electrical power to different circuits. This control circuitry ensures that key home systems (water heaters, HVAC systems, refrigerators, etc.) can keep operating.

    Difference between standard and whole-house generators:

    There are a few major differences when deciding on a generator for your home. A whole-house generator provides your home with full backup power from 22kW to 48 kW. A standard generator only provides power to a few items at a time with 9kW to 20kW. A whole-house generator has a larger engine and can run for a longer period. They are also a lot quieter than the standard backup generator. Our professionals are ready to help you decide on the best generator option for your Chatham home. Contact us today for a free estimate in Chatham and the surrounding areas.

    Having a home backup generator provides several benefits:

    • Power Continuity: It ensures continuous electrical power during outages, crucial for maintaining lighting, heating/cooling, and essential appliances.
    • Safety: It can keep critical medical devices powered and prevent hazardous situations during emergencies.
    • Convenience: Reduces disruptions by keeping comfort systems and appliances running smoothly.
    • Property Protection: Prevents damage like frozen pipes and helps maintain security systems.
    • Value Addition: May increase property value with this added utility feature.
    • Flexibility: Offers various fuel options (e.g., natural gas, diesel, propane) tailored to user preferences and local availability.

    Don’t wait for the next power outage!

    Severe weather is a sure thing today. Instead of suffering through the next power outage, why not make your home storm ready with a new generator?

    Call or email Pipe Works Services for a generator inspection and estimate. We offer our generator services in Chatham, Madison, Summit, Union, Short Hills, Basking Ridge, Florham Park, Millburn, Clifton, Somerset, and the neighboring areas in Northern NJ.

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