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    Whole House Water Filtration in Chatham, Madison, Summit, Northern & Central, NJWe like to think that the water we drink is safe. Unfortunately, that is often not true. Many sources of water in the U.S. from lakes to wells contain contaminants. Some of these contaminants are man-made while others are naturally occurring. However, all can be potentially hazardous to you, your family, and your guests.

    Many homeowners attempt to use store-bought filters to clean their water and make it healthy to drink. However, store-bought filters are often far too weak to catch all contaminants and can only filter water from one source. A whole home water filter doesn’t have this problem as it filters all the water that comes into your home. Whole home water filters are also far more effective at removing all contaminants.

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    What does a whole-house water filter do?

    Whole house water filters are directly connected to your water line. This means that all the water entering your home will have to pass through the filter. Once the water passes through the filter, it is carefully scrubbed for contaminants. The exact contaminants vary based on the design of the water filter. Only once the contaminants are removed does the whole house water filter route the water to the various appliances and faucets in your home.

    Water filter benefits include:

    • Clean filtered water throughout the home
    • Healthier showers & baths
    • Brighter & longer lasting clothing
    • Healthier skin

    What does a whole-house water filter do?

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