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    Water Softeners in Madison, Chatham, Summit, Northern & Central, NJHave you noticed a strange taste in your water, had issues with clogged pipes, or seen a buildup of soap scum and strange stains? All of these are signs of hard water.

    Hard water is caused by a mineral build-up in your water and can be a major problem for a home. Not only does it make your home less comfortable, but it also costs you money, clogging your pipes and lowering the efficiency of your water-based appliances.

    Luckily, the water quality experts at Pipe Works Services are here to help. We can install a quality softener, which will remove minerals from your water and restore your home to normal. Ready to get started? Contact us today and schedule your free water softener estimate in Madison, Chatham, Summit, & nearby!

    Hard water is a common, irritating, and costly problem

    When turning on your faucet, mineral deposits sometimes mix with your water. Generally, these minerals include calcium and magnesium, but sometimes other contaminants like iron, manganese, and aluminum pass through too. While a tiny amount of minerals in your water is not a problem, too much can make your water hard.

    Hard water is a major problem. Not only does hard water often carry harmful bacteria, but it also damages your appliances and causes discomfort. Mineral deposits make the water difficult to process, which can cut your appliances’ lifespans in half. The mineral debris can also build up in your pipes and cause costly clogs.

    Hard water is a common, irritating, and costly problem

    Remove hardness from your water with a water softener

    Our eco-friendly softener unit combines two systems into one. With activated carbon, our softener removes chlorine and other foul tastes. Our system also incorporates resin, which removes excess minerals and lets only the softened water into your home.

    Our softening unit is installed quickly, in under a day, and assures that you’ll no longer have to put up with uncomfortable water, expensive clogs, or underperforming appliances!

    Get started with a free water softening estimate!

    Sick of hard water causing havoc on your plumbing? The water treatment experts at Pipe Works Services can help by providing you with a quality water softener. Contact us today and schedule your free estimate for any of our water quality services in Madison, Chatham, Summit, & nearby!

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