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Fix It To List It Realtor Division

Fix It To List It Realtor Division

At Pipe Works Services, Inc., our Fix It to List It specialists know that real estate professionals have unique needs because of their industry. We understand the sensitive nature of a transaction when a concern is raised by an inspector or potential buyer. We also know that you are working under strict deadlines that need to be met. Our goal is to respect the interest of all parties involved and help you successfully move towards closing.

Here's how working with our Fix It to List It team can benefit you:

  • QUICK RESPONSE TIMES: We have a dedicated hotline number for real estate professionals.
  • PRIORITY SCHEDULING: We know that agents and buyers may not have time to spend waiting for an evaluation. We understand that you are working under a deadline and will give you priority scheduling.
  • EFFICIENCY: We understand that buyers and agents may not have hours to spend waiting for an evaluation. We complete your appointment quickly and unless otherwise asked will only evaluate the issue in question.
  • ESTIMATES: Our Fix It To List It specialists will visit your listing and perform a full evaluation and provide you with an estimate.
  • NO UNNECESSARY WORK: We will do exactly what you need to sell your listing.
  • HASSLE FREE: We'll work with you, your assistant, and your broker, whoever we need to, in order to get the work done and get you to the closing table
  • UNMATCHED REPUTATION:  We have been providing excellent service for over 17 years.
  • NO SUB-CONTRACTORS: We are the largest plumbing, heating, air conditioning, insulation, electrical, and installation company in New Jersey that does not use sub-contractors. 
  • WRITTEN PROPOSAL: We will provide an emailed written proposal within 24 hours of our evaluation
  • WARRANTY: We have the largest standard warranties in our industry!

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