A customer in Florham Park, NJ, who found us via Google, had a leaking water heater that was 14 years old. We sent out Zach, one of our trusted specialists, to assess the possible options for the customer.

Zach noticed the tank inside of the heater was cracked, causing water to form outside of the jacket. After doing a further investigation, Zach also found the home's water pressure was not regulated. This caused the thermal expansion protection system to fail on the existing water heater. All of these things needed to be replaced badly!


Zach and Mario worked together to drain the water heater as best as they could. They found another issue in the process- the water heater was completely filled with sediment due to the hard water issue throughout the home. Good thing she was getting rid of it! They hauled it up the steps and out of the house.

The heater was replaced by a new, premium water heating system: the Rheem 75 gallon water heater. It has automatic shut off, water alarm, expansion protection system, isolation controls and drip pan. Our crew also ran a drain line for the drip pan into the sump pump pit.

Now this homeowner can sleep soundly knowing her brand new water heater is operating just fine!

The old water heater had sediment inside from hard water issues.

The new Rheem 75 gallon water heater is installed!