Pipe Works Services went to a call that came in and the customer expressed that his air conditioning compressor may be overcharged. Pipe Works Services technician Zach arrived at the home to diagnose the cause of the AC not working properly Zach found pressures to be over 350psi which is on the high side. the customer relieved the pressure. When Zach checked over the system and found the compressor to not be pumping the refrigerant, he then diagnosed it was damaged from the overcharge and the system needs to be replaced.


Pipe Works Services technician Pablo with the assistance of Jonathan installed the condenser unit only. Pablo recovered all refrigerant from the old unit, set the new unit, installed high and low voltage, and tested the unit with nitrogen after brazing properly with nitrogen. The unit held 200psi and pulled the proper vacuum down to 500 microns. They charged the unit and tested for proper temps and pressure.

This photo shows the new Water Line and new valves that were installed for this 40-gallon Water Heater in Florham Park, NJ

New copper piping for 40-gallon Electric Water in Florham Park, NJ

Another Version of the 40-gallon Electric Water Water Heater in Florham Park, NJ

Another angle of the 40-gallon Water Heater in Florham Park, NJ