The customer called in looking to get a permanent solution for the chill they could feel coming from the attic.


Our comfort specialist, Rob came out to take a look at the current situation. After some questions to the customer regarding what was going on and what they are looking to accomplish, Rob was able to come up with the perfect solution. He knew that Dr. Energy's SupeKneeWall was the perfect fit. Charlie and Gio came out and installed it in no time. A customer called back the next day to say they had a noticeable change in just their first night with the product.

Project Summary

Comfort Specialist: Rob

Lead installer: Charlie

Installer: Gio

Dr. Energy SuperKneeWall product in Union, NJ

The left side of the attic with Dr. Energy SuperKneeWall product in Union, NJ

Customers old insulation in Union, NJ

Poorly insulated crawlspace in attic in Union, NJ

You cans see here exactly why the customer felt a chill in Union, NJ

Some parts of the attic did not have insulation at all in Union, NJ