Our customer called looking for service for a furnace that was leaking. Our technician, Zach, went out that same day and initially found that a drain line had a pinhole in it. Unfortunately, this was not all that was wrong with this unit. Upon further observation, it was determined that the heat exchanger was cracked. It was unsafe to run this way, so it had to be shut down. This left the customer without heat until the new unit could be procured.


We had our comfort specialist; Mike Cirincione goes out to work up a replacement solution. Within hours the new unit was arranged for, and the appointment scheduled at the customer's convenience. Kevin, Josh & Ibn took out the old unit from 1999 and replaced it with a brand new much more energy efficient Lennox unit with a Pur Air filtration system. They were able to tie into the existing humidifier, saving the customer the expense of having to replace that as well. New duct work was finished, and the customer was comfortable and content again!

The 1999 unit, with the cracked heat exchanger

Another angle of the old unit with the door taken off

Existing humidifier hooked up to the new unit

Brand new energy efficient Lennox unit

Another angle of the new Lennox unit. Customers are comfortable now!