The customer called in with an issue about their crawlspace being unconditioned and causing a problem with the piping that was there. Our Dr. Energy Comfort specialist Rob came out to assess the situation. He presented the customer with the permanent solution of CleanSpace insulation. The customer knew it was the right solution and proceeded with the installation.


Our installers Charlie and Gio arrived first thing in the morning and got to work. They proceeded to clean out the existing insulation and prep to install the new insulation. Gio and Charlie installed a CleanSpace Crawl space insulation. 2'' Silverglo rigid board which was bolted, and air sealed to the exterior side walls, and 1" TerraBlock foam mat insulation was installed over the concrete floor followed by a 20mil thick CleanSpace vapor barrier. Reduce heat loss and infiltration of cold air by sealing and insulating the Rim Joist area with approximately 2" of Spray foam. The customer noticed immediately a difference later on that night and was extremely happy with the work performed.

Project Summary

Comfort Specialist: Rob

Lead installer: Charlie

Installer: Gio

The addition of spray foam to help with the insulation in Randolph, NJ

The finished product in Randolph, NJ

The CleanSpace used rigid board and TerraBlock in Randolph, NJ

Before the work started in Randolph, NJ

The pipe that was starting to freeze on extremely cold nights in Randolph, NJ

NO insulation to help combat the freezing of pipes in Randolph, NJ