Customer called into Pipe Works Services after noticing the floor above his crawlspace was getting rather cold when the temperatures dropped.


One of our Senior technician Jonny was tasked with coming up with a permanent solution for the customer. After inspection of the crawlspace, he immediately noticed the lack of proper insulation. The customer was using standard fiberglass insulation, which provides little to R value. Jonny knew the perfect solution,, which would permanently rectify the customers problem . The customer knew this was the best solution if he wanted to take care of the problem correctly. Charlie and Giovanni arrived the next week and got to work. Pipe Works installed a Terra block padding on the entire crawlspace floor with a DES moisture barrier. Pipe Works Services also will apply 2 inch Silverglow on all exterior walls from the cement floor up the rim joists , and finally Pipe Works will also Spray foam all rim joists to ensure no air flow penetration from the outside in. . The customer called in after he noticed immediate difference later that night.

Project Summary

Senior Technician: Jonnny

Lead Installer: Charllie

Installer: Giovanni

The Terra Block and moisture padding is set

The finished product

Applying Silverglow to the walls

A before picture of the crawlspace

Terra Block padding along with a moisture barrier

Full insulated crawlspace