Existing customers were moving into a new home and wanted to be as comfortable as they were in their previous homes.


Our technician, Rich, who had worked at their former home many times, went out and discussed what was a priority for them. The solution was multi-faceted but resulted in a much more livable home.

The first step was to get the humidity out of the home, this was done by installing an Aprilaire whole-house dehumidifier Model #1850. The duct was run through the wine cellar and the box and intake grill were installed in the wall under the basement stairs to pull the air from the basement. The discharged air from the dehumidifier was piped into the supply duct for the home.

Secondly, Rich removed the old canister-style water filter and replaced it with a Halo 5 whole-house water conditioner. This involved running water and drain lines through the basement closest to allow the unit to be installed in the mechanical room as the homeowners requested.

Finally, our customer wanted a germ-free home. Rich installed a Reme Halo air purifier into the supply duct of the whole home HVAC system. This protects the inhabitants of the home from many air borne bacteria.

Basement prior to the dehumidifier being installed

The basement prior to the dehumidifier being installed. Halo Reme is attached on the supply duct to the right.

Mechanical room prior to the Halo Water Conditioner being installed

The original canister-type water filter

The Aprilaire Dehumdifier installed on the left with duct work shown. Another shot of the Halo Reme air purifier

Another view of the whole house dehumidifier in the basement

Halo 5 whole house water conditioner installed

After original water filter was removed and the water and lines were tied into the main drain