A frequent customer of Pipe Works Services in South Orange, NJ called in and stated that they had a variety of repairs that were needed on their boiler. There were many small and large leaks in the piping, some of the fittings themselves were corroded and leaking, steam vents needed to be replaced, and some of the loops that were put in to allow proper flow and efficiency needed to be repaired. Pipe Works Services was out in the past to suggest a solution, and then Pablo was out to re-assess the issue.


Pipe Works Services technician Pablo was able to re-pipe the problem areas on the boiler. There were lots of piping issues that needed to be addressed so Pablo had to separate the header into two take-offs, re-pipe the Hartford loop properly, repair the leak on the return pipe behind the boiler, and repair leaks that are wrapped with tape on the steam pipes.

This shows a pipe on the steam supply line before it was repaired by Pipe Works Services technician Pablo

Pablo installed a new 8 ft. piece of pipe on steam supply line and attached it with 2" dresser couplings

This shows some of the old piping for the steam boiler

Pablo separated the steam distribution pipes(supply) into a 2 pipe system. He installed new automatic water feeder with bypass performed maintain cleaning of boiler and skimmed boiler as well