The customer called in after noticing their water heater was leaking. After multiple attempts at trying to get the company who installed it to come back to fix it, they knew they had to call a professional well-respected company. After a quick google search and an endless list of amazing reviews, the customer knew we were the company. They placed the call in the morning, and we were able to come out the same day. Mario arrived to diagnose the issue and was able to come up with a permanent solution. Mario arrived with a fully stocked truck and took care of the issue within a couple of hours, and the customer more importantly had a water heater that was no longer leaking. Safe to say customers know who to call moving forward for all of their plumbing needs.


Mario diagnoses the issue with the water heater to be pressure related. He knew the customer needed not only to install an expansion tank but a pressure-reducing valve from the main water source. He wants to make sure it was done properly and took time, which you can see in the pictures below.

Project Summary

Lead plumber: Mario

Leaking Water Heater

New expansion tank

New pressure reducing valve