The customer was remodeling a bedroom and adding a bathroom to their current home. They knew they had to make the right permanent choice one time regarding insulation.


Our comfort specialist, Ro, came out to assess the situation. After taking some measurements and going over the options with the customer. They decided that closed-cell spray foam was the way to go. Charlie, Gio, and Malik, our Installation crew came out and installed approximately 3" Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation on the underside of the roof of the bathroom addition and the bedroom that is being remodeled. We will also apply approximately 2" Closed Cell spray foam on all exterior walls of the bathroom addition and the exterior walls of the bedroom being remodeled. All windows and floors will be sealed off with plastic. All stud faces will be scraped of overspray.

Project Summary

Comfort Specialist: Rob

Lead installer: Charlie

Installer: Gio

Installer: Malik

We take pride making sure the work we do is perfect

The ceiling after we were done

Perfect distribution of the insulation

Walls and windows are done

Closed cell spray foam

The walls had no insulation when we arrived

A blank canvas for us to start if always preferred

No insulation on the roof

before we started

The finished final product