The customer called in with a leaking boiler. They were experiencing heat on and off and knew they had to act fast. This was a call we take very seriously, especially in the frigid temperatures that we experience in NJ. We knew our senior technician Jonny was the only option for the customer. He is our most senior technician and boiler expert.


After arriving at the customer's home, Jonny was quickly able to locate the leak in the boiler. The heat exchanger was cracked which was also a horrible sign. Jonny knew the 40-plus-year-old boiler was in very bad shape and unsafe to operate. After discussing all possible options with the customer, they knew replacing was their best option. Jonny was able to have the boiler ordered and installed by our top-notch installation crew the next day without any problem

Customer's old leaking WeilMclain boiler

Brand New 150000 btu WeilMclain Steam boiler