A homeowner in Union, NJ had two rooms that were not comfortable in summer or winter. The hassle and expense of running ductwork was not something she wanted to attempt.


  1. Mitsubishi Ductless Mini Split Multi Zone Option

    Provide and install a Mitsubishi Multi Zone Outdoor Heat Pump model #MXZ2B-20NA. Install unit outside in between deck and house by driveway.

    Provide and install Mitsubishi indoor wall-hung unit model #MSZGE12NA for downstairs and model #MSZGE09NA for upstairs. The downstairs unit will be installed above sliders near the driveway side of the house. The upstairs unit will be installed on the back of the house wall centered in the bedroom.

    Install a line set for each indoor unit on the back of the house. One line set will run on the left side of the slider and the other line will run on the right side of the slider.

You can see the line set going down from the bedroom unit

Both new line-sets are visible, but not obtrusive

Inside view of the unit downstairs (Model #MSZGE12NA)

Inside view of upstairs unit (Model #MSZGE09NA)

Outdoor Heat Pump installed (Model #MXZ2B-20NA)