This customer in Union, NJ called for a clogged basement toilet. What our technician found was much more than an ordinary toilet call. There were several issues with the plumbing in the basement. First, the sewage ejector pump for the basement bath had failed, and the pit was full of water. The pump was plugged in using several extension cords, which had overheated and melted together. The piping near the ejector was leaking and patched up with duct tape. While examining the sewage ejector, it was discovered that the 4" cast iron sewer line running under the floor was rotted out under the concrete floor.


We scheduled all the work to remedy the problems and went back home a couple of days later. Then we removed the old sewage ejector, jackhammered up the tiles, and removed 5" of concrete the entire length of the bathroom. The 4" cast iron line was then removed. We ran into some issues when digging up the floor but resolved them all. Installed a new sewage ejector and a new drain line for the upstairs and downstairs bathrooms. This also included having to concrete the PVC line through the foundation and then we spray foamed in between to create a solid fix.

We also needed to crawl under the house to replace 10' of drain line into the main sewer line. Once all the work was done, we prepped the floors and walls for the bathroom. As you can see from the pictures, the resulting bathroom is a huge improvement, and the customer was thrilled with the results.

Final result: cleaner, warmer and more attractive

No homeowner wants to see this, but we can fix it!

A big mess, but fixable!

Looking better already!

Can you believe this is the same place?

Looks better than ever!

Pipe Works was thrilled to be able to keep our customers happy!