The customer called Pipe Works Services after noticing some water pressure issues in his home.


Our plumber, Bobby arrived at the customer's home and started the appointment with some questions about what the customer was seeing regarding the pressure issues in the home. Bobby, with his new information, diagnosed the issue to be the pressure valve the customer was no longer working properly. While replacing the pressure-reducing valve, he did see that the increased pressure took its toll on the customer's water heater. Bobby addressed this by adding a new expansion tank to the system. After the pressure issue was addressed, the customer brought up how his washing machine supply lines were leaking and those were replaced with brand-new shut-off and stainless-steel hoses. Another satisfied Pipe Works Services Services.

Project Summary

Plumber: Bobby

Pressure was alarmingly high

Pressure after new pressure reducing valve

Customers old pressure reducing valve

Brand new 3/4" in pressure reducing valve

Customer's old gate shutoffs with old cracking rubber supply hoses

Brand new quarter-turn shut-off valves with stainless steel no burst supply hoses

The customer's water heater was slowly dripping with all of the high pressure running through it

Brand new ST 5 expansion tank and shut off valve for the water heater