Electric furnaces distribute heat throughout the home by heating air through a resistance coil.

    Unfortunately, this method is one of the least efficient options for home heating due to the expense of electricity. If your whole-house heating system is an electric furnace, Pipe Works Services can help you upgrade to a more efficient heating system.

    Gas furnace installation is a great option for homeowners who are looking to improve efficiency and save money on their heating bills.

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    Electric room heaters

    Although an electric furnace doesn’t qualify as an efficient, economical central heating system, an individual room heater that operates on electricity can sometimes make sense.

    This type of heater relies on resistance coils to generate heat and can be portable or permanently installed. Baseboard-type electric heaters provide warmth by radiation and convection, while other heaters use a fan to blow heated air into the living space.

    Electric Room Heater

    Electric room heaters are often installed on enclosed porches, in spare rooms, in utility rooms, and in other rooms that only require heat occasionally. As long as they don’t have to operate all the time, electric room heaters don’t have to take a big bite out of your energy budget.

    Heat pumps, which are also powered by electricity, can provide much more economical heating as well as air conditioning in the summer months. Many homeowners who aren’t satisfied with the performance (and operating cost) of their electric furnaces choose to have them replaced with heat pumps.

    Start saving energy and money with an electric heating upgrade

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