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Heating - Radiant Heating System Repair in Bernardsville, NJ

Radiant Heating System Repair in Bernardsville, NJ
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Customer states that they woke up and upstairs bedrooms and kitchen/dining room where cold. Also when they returned home after errands living room and first floor bedroom was warm. But rest of house remained cold. After further diagnosis found first floor bedroom and living area is heated by radiant heating system. Circulator pump zone system also has 1 zone for kitchen area and 1 zone for the upstairs. Upon arrival circulator pumps where humming loudly and making chattering noises for the 2 currently cold zones. Found circulator for upstairs very hot to the touch and pulling high amps. This indicates pump is failing and on its way out. Found Tridicator Gauge showing boiler pressure to be 0. Used my personal gauge to confirm this. Boiler has no pressure. This indicates fast fill PRV has failed. Had to manually pressurize boiler and boiler pressure dropped half a pound in about 15 minutes of stand by. Not running boiler. This indicates a leak is present began to isolate zones and when radiant heating zone is isolated pressure does not drop.

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