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Heating - Broken Blower Motor in Chatham, NJ

Broken Blower Motor in Chatham, NJ
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Customer has no heat , customer also states fan is not turning on. Upon further diagnosis confirmed power going to blower motor. All windings are intact and not shorted or grounded out. Found capacitor defective. Advised customer on options for repair. Advised Capacitor usually fails due to blower motor failure as well as other factor but also possible component just failed due to age. This unit is from 2001 and past life expectancy. Advised on long term cost effectiveness being replacment of system. Customer wishes to go ahead with repairs and not new system at this time. But will have office contact to set up design specialist to provide pricing for new system. After replacement of capacitor blower motor continues to not turn on and confirmed blower motor is seized and wheel is are to spin by hand. Motor has locked internally and needs to be replaced. Provided options on repair we collected deposit of 25% for blower replacement. Deducted cost of repair for capacitor as customer is proceeding with blower motor repair. Advised customer at this time our Trane distributors are not open and we will need to inquire on parts availability in the morning the following day. Once information on parts availability is confirmed and we willl contact customer to schedule return visit to complete work.

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