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Heating - Vibrating Noise and Boiler Repair in Landing, NJ

Vibrating Noise and Boiler Repair in Landing, NJ
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Our technician arrived on site to look into a few different issues the customer was having with his home. The first issue was a loud vibrating noise whenever water was being used. The customer turned on the laundry tub in the basement and we were able to find the noise coming from the Water main. Performed a water pressure test and found pressure was inadequate. They found a PRV open the ceiling that had a lot of buildup and corrosion on it, he explained it to the customer that it should be replaced and that was most likely the issue of the noise. He also left an estimate to replace prv. The customer also has a hot water Crown boiler and he wanted to know if there were any way for him to get a notification said he never lost heat and this is not his full-time residence. The technician explained that we could install an Eco-Bee thermostat and connect it to his phone through the app which will then send him notifications of any temperature drop in the house. 

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