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    Blower Door Testing Company Serving Northern NJOne of the quickest and most affordable energy-saving projects is to seal cracks and openings around your house, but first, you have to find the leaks. Some air leakage is obvious because you can feel it, such as a draft around your window or under an exterior door. Other leaks are less obvious.

    Air leakage can be contributing to your uncomfortable home and high energy bills. Before installing new energy-efficient windows or making other efficiency upgrades, we recommend having a blower door test performed during your home energy audit to determine exactly how your home is using and losing energy.

    To schedule your home energy audit and blower door test, call us at (973) 657-5771 or click the button below. We are the area’s trusted home energy contractor serving Madison, Chatham, Summit, and surrounding New Jersey areas.

    What are the benefits of finding & fixing air leaks in your home?

    • Helps prevent moisture condensation problems
    • Reduces uncomfortable drafts caused by cold air leaking in from outside
    • Less energy consumption & lower utility costs
    • Blower door test helps determine how much ventilation is needed to improve indoor air quality