Expert plumbing protection available in Chatham, Summit, & Northern and Central NJ

    Leak Prevention in New JerseyAt Pipe Works Services not only do we repair your plumbing, but we also protect your home against plumbing leaks. Our leak protection solutions prevent costly water damage and assure your home isn’t wasting water.

    We proudly offer our leak prevention services throughout New Jersey, including Chatham, Madison, Summit, and Northern and Central NJ. Schedule an estimate to learn more!

    How do we prevent plumbing leaks?

    Pipe Works Services offers two leak prevention products, both of which protect your home against costly water damage and from wasting water:

    Leak Smart

    A LeakSmart System is a smart home solution that detects leaks and shuts off a home’s water main in five seconds or less, protecting the home and everything inside from water damage. The complete LeakSmart system includes a shut-off valve, a hub, and up to 31 sensors that are placed in common flood zones.

    The system is fail-safe, working 24/7, even if the power and internet go down. Many insurance companies offer rebates or discounts when LeakSmart systems are installed. Homeowners should contact their insurance
    carriers for any specific information.

    Leak Defense

    Since leaks go undetected, this can cause hazardous electrical issues, foundation damage, and mold growth. Slab leaks are almost impossible to detect without the Leak Defense system because there are usually no outward signs. An unidentified slab leak can cost thousands in wasted water and undermine a home’s structure without any sign until it is too late.

    Many insurers offer incentive programs to policyholders who have the Leak Defense System installed in their homes.

    Schedule a leak prevention estimate

    While the experts at Pipe Works Services provide complete plumbing services, including emergency repairs, maintenance, fixture or appliance installation, and more, we also understand the importance of prevention. That is why we offer two leak prevention solutions that will protect your home from costly water damage and from wasting water.

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    We offer leak prevention estimates throughout New Jersey, including Chatham, Madison, Summit, Basking Ridge, Short Hills, Union, Millburn, Clifton, Somerset, Florham Park, and areas Northern and Central NJ. Click below to schedule yours today!