Expert LeakSmart Installer in Chatham & Northern and Central NJ

    LeakSmartThe average water damage claim costs over $8,000. Pipe Works Services helps to minimize this damage with LeakSmart technology. LeakSmart stops leaks before they happen, with an innovative system of sensors and protective technology throughout the home.

    Our integrated system fits seamlessly with your home’s current plumbing, designed to automatically stop water leaks in 5 seconds or less. Call today for your FREE estimate for LeakSmart waterproofing technology.

    What causes flooding and leaks in your home?

    A burst pipe can release more than 9 gallons of water into your home per minute. Understanding how indoor flooding occurs and which areas of your home are most susceptible to leaks are key components in protecting your home from water damage.

    Clogged gutters, downspouts, drainpipes, malfunctioning septic tanks, backed-up sewer lines, heavy storms, and other factors contribute to your home’s risk factor.

    Common Flood Zones in the Home

    • Bathrooms- Clogged pipes and human error can expose your bathroom to gallons of pressurized water.
    • Basements- Basements offer many entry points for invasive water, especially if you live near a body of water. Basements often contain an array of plumbing elements that can become clogged or malfunction.
    • Appliances- Water heaters, washing machines, garbage disposals, dishwashers, and air conditioning units can cause flooding in your home.
    • Pipes- Pipes run throughout most of your home. This means that a burst pipe can affect many areas of the home, not just the obvious points.

    Common Flood Zones in the Home

    How can LeakSmart help?

    LeakSmart senses leaking water in your home, preventing thousands of dollars worth of damage. So, how does it work?

    The NEW Protect by LeakSmart with Flow system offers complete home water protection. From in-wall leaks to high-risk appliance leaks, this system can protect against even the most difficult-to-detect leaks.

    Detecting the change in water flow before a flood in your home helps to completely prevent any potential damage, unlike other systems which may only alert you after the flooding has already begun.

    LeakSmart Sensors are placed throughout your home in areas most susceptible to water damage. These areas include sump pumps, washing machines, water heaters, sinks, toilets, HVAC units, laundry rooms, bathrooms, basements, and garages.

    Pipe Works Services certified professionals install the LeakSmart Valve directly on your water main. The valve receives a signal from the sensors that there may be water leakage and shuts off the water main in 5 seconds or less.

    The hub is the communication point between the sensors, valve, and homeowner. The clean design fits seamlessly with your other devices.

    Once our Pipe Works Services technicians have installed your LeakSmart anti-leak system, enjoy the option to connect to the app. The LeakSmart app allows homeowners to instantly connect with their smart homes, offering alerts in case of a leak and other neat features.

    Protect your Northern NJ investment with LeakSmart

    The LeakSmart system was designed to minimize water damage in your home in the case of a malfunctioning appliance, burst pipe, or other disasters. Pipe Works Services offers LeakSmart because we care about protecting your investment and aim to keep your home as safe and user-friendly as possible.

    Save yourself thousands in damages and enjoy peace of mind with LeakSmart technology. If you are interested in learning more about the LeakSmart anti-leak system for your home, call Pipe Works Services today for a FREE estimate. We provide plumbing, HVAC, insulation, and more in Chatham, Madison, Summit, and the surrounding cities.

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