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    Sink Installation Contractor Serving Chatham and Northern & Central, NJDo you struggle with daily chores because of your outdated sink? Whether your sink is too small, requires constant repairs, or doesn’t offer the efficiency you need, Pipe Works Services can help. We can assess your current sink and recommend a new system that will improve your home’s performance, value, and energy efficiency.

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    How does an old sink impact the home?

    If your sink no longer supports the needs of the home, doesn’t offer full water control, has little space for storage, or needs constant repairs, a new system will not only improve your home’s functionality but will also save you money.

    • Necessary improvements: Whether the current sink is too small for larger pots and pans, doesn’t have a pullout kitchen tap, or doesn’t match the style of your home, you should choose a new system that addresses all your needs.
    • Saving energy & water: From choosing the correct temperature to having full control over your water supply, these functions are necessary for an efficient sink. A newer sink will be more capable of controlling the temperature and flow of your water.
    • Decluttering: Does your sink’s plumbing take up most of the space underneath? If your cabinet is filled with your sink’s plumbing, that will leave little room for anything else. Newer sinks give you total control over your system, giving you the functionality, you need without sacrificing your cabinet space.

    How we install your new sink

    If you’re unsure whether your current sink is causing more problems than it is helping, contact Pipe Works Services today. We can assess your system and recommend whether a new sink installation is necessary.

    Once you have chosen and purchased a new sink that matches your home’s needs, we can expertly install it. Our sink installation process is quick – we can finish upgrading your sink in under a day!

    How we install your new sink

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    Pipe Works Services. are your plumbing repair, service, and installation experts. That is why we are your trusted source for any sink upgrades needed throughout your home.

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