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Spray Foam Insulation - Spray Foam in Attic in Randolph, NJ

Spray Foam in Attic in Randolph, NJ
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Remove all existing fiberglass batt insulation from the attic and dispose. Clear floor of all debris and clean. -Seal all gable, roof and soffit vents with proper materials. -Spray foam the underside of the roof deck with 3 inches of Lapolla 4G Closed Cell Spray Foam Including gable walls. Pipe Works Services requires that all occupants remain out of the home for a period of 8 hours after the spray foam insulation is sprayed. Based on my inspection I found the room over the garage to have inadequate insulation in the ceiling and knee-wall recommend to remove the drywall and properly insulate that space. Pipe Works Services, Inc. will: -Drill 2 1/2 inch holes in each bay of the garage ceiling to gain access to the void above. -We will dense pack blown in Trusoft Cellulose Insulation into the entire ceiling completely air sealing and insulating the space. -Patch all holes created with 1 coat of drywall joint compound. -Seal off any holes or voids in the knee-wall floor above.  

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