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Before and After Pictures from Union
SuperKneeWall Attic Insulation in Union, NJ

SuperKneeWall Attic Insulation in Union, NJ

Before After
SuperKneeWall Attic Insulation in Union, NJ SuperKneeWall Attic Insulation in Union, NJ

A Customer called in from Union, NJ looking to get a permanent solution for the chill they could feel coming from the attic. Our comfort specialist, Rob came out to take a look at the current situation. After some questions to the customer in regards to what’s going on and what they are looking to accomplish, Rob was able to come up with the perfect solution. He knew that Dr Energy's SupeKneeWall was the perfect fit. Charlie and Gio came out and installed it in no time. Customer called back the next day to say they had a noticeable change in just their first night with the product. 

Shut Off Valves in Union, NJ

Shut Off Valves in Union, NJ

Before After
Shut Off Valves in Union, NJ Shut Off Valves in Union, NJ

Customer called in after noticing the hoses to the washing were leaking. After a quick call to the office the customer was scheduled with a same day appointment. Our plumber, Mario arrived to home later that afternoon and was pointed in the direction of the problem. After going over why the issue was happening the customer knew it was best to go with brand new shut offs to permanently solve the issue. Mario proceed to install 2 new quarter turn shut off valves, and made sure to test for  leaks 

Kitchen Lighting in Union, NJ

Kitchen Lighting in Union, NJ

Before After
Kitchen Lighting in Union, NJ Kitchen Lighting in Union, NJ

Our leading Electrical technican at Pipe Works Services, Ryan, was dispatched to an estimate to install recessed lighting for a customer. Ryan removed the existing center lighting and lighting over the sink and installed 6 new, more efficient lights with dimmer capabilities.

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Best of Home Advisor 2019
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Union, NJ's Expert Plumbing & HVAC Repair Company

Thanks Mike. I always appreciate your excellent work and efficiency....
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24/7 Emergency Plumber Serving Union, NJ

At Pipe Works Services, Inc. we are proud to serve our area because we put customer service above everything else. Our trained technicians use only the highest quality materials from the best manufacturers around, ensuring quality & long-lasting results for your home. We want to help find the solution that will work best for you!

We know that plumbing isn't something that most people think about until something goes wrong. When pipes freeze, crack or begin to leak, then we are the contractor for you! No job is too big or too small and we can provide reliable, quality repairs and replacements so that the job is done right the first time. Our team of plumber technicians are ready for your call to fix your plumbing problems. Pipe Works Services, Inc. is regarded as one of the best plumbers in Union, NJ, so you can rely on getting the job done right the first time!

A common problem with water that comes into your home or business is that it is "hard" water, making your water heaters work harder than they need to. This compromises the ability of the heaters to clean your dishes and clothes the right way, leaving the chance for bacteria in water to cause illness. Trust the experts at Pipe Works Services, Inc. to provide water conditioning and water treatments that will ensure your water is clean, safe and healthy.

Water Heater Repair Solutions

Pipe Works Services, Inc. isUnion, NJ's trusted water heater repair, replacement and service provider. We have a long history of helping homeowners with all their water heater service needs, whether gas, electric or any other kind, we can help. When it comes to water heaters, we only offer our customers the best.  At Pipe Works Services, Inc., we understand that you need the best at an affordable price!

Union's Trusted Rheem Water Heater Service Provider

If you are looking for a water heater repair, replacement, or service cost estimate, contact us today for a quote! Rheem water heaters offer homeowners the highest quality in the industry, and at Pipe Works Services, Inc., we are proud to be a certified Rheem water heater services contractor.  

When it comes to water heaters, you can rely on Rheem to not only last for many years, but work efficiently, especially the 75 gallon Rheem water heaters. If you are looking to install a new or service an existing Rheem water heater, contact Pipe Works Services, Inc. today for a FREE service quote!

Air Conditioning & Heating Services in Union, NJ

Pipe Works Services, Inc. provides air conditioning repairs and installation. The best way to avoid a problem with your air conditioning unit is to have it checked and serviced regularly: this way, we can nip any serious problems in the bud. You don't want to be stuck with an air conditioning problem when you really need it in the summer, so count on us to make sure that your home is comfortable and cool! 

Common Air Conditioner Problems

  • Dirty Coils
  • Burned-out Compressor Motor
  • Blocked Condensate Drain
  • Leaking Refrigerant
  • Blower Problems
  • Leaky Ductwork

Along with air conditioning, Pipe Works Services, Inc. provides homeowners of Union and Union County reliable heating services. We understand that winters here can get very cold, and we want to make sure that your home is comfortable year round.  

We offer repair and replacement for all types of furnaces such as gas and electric, boiler replacement and repair, heat pumps and much more.  If your home isn't as warm as you would like it to be, contact the home heating repair experts at Pipe Works Services, Inc. today!

Heating Services We Offer:

  • Furnace Repair & Replacement
  • Boiler Repair & Replacement
  • Heat Pumps, Gas, Electric & Forced Air 
  • Lennox Furnaces 

Experienced Home & Attic Insulation Contractor

Your home can lose heat easily through gaps and cracks in floors and ceilings. When hot air rises in the winter and escapes through a poorly insulated attic, then new air is drawn in from the outside through the basement or crawl space. This cold air is then circulated throughout your house, causing your heating system to work overtime and your home to be uncomfortably cold.

The way to prevent this is to insulate your home, the attic and crawl space in particular. Additionally, air sealing your home is important because our experts can pinpoint the cracks and gaps that air is leaking through, making your home more energy-efficient. Our SuperAttic system can professionally insulate your attic so that it does not allow heat to escape through it in the winter and control heat in the summer. If you are looking to improve the comfort of your home, you can count on Union's trusted insulation contractor to solve your insulation issues.

If you're looking for plumbing, HVAC, electrical services and more, Pipe Works Services, Inc. has the tools and the expertise to keep your home cool, clean and comfortable all year-round! Let our team of friendly, knowledgeable staff and certified technicians work with you to find the solution that will work best for you and give you quality, long-lasting results! Call us today for a FREE estimate!

Skilled electricians of Union

Pipe Works Services, Inc. provides expert electricity repair, installation, and energy-saving upgrades for homeowners in Union. Whether you need interior or exterior lighting upgrades, emergency electrical repairs, or generator services, we have these solutions and more.

Our electrical services include:

  • Electrical repair, maintenance, & troubleshooting
  • Interior & exterior electricity
  • 24/7 electrical repair
  • Wiring for home additions, attic conversions, etc.
  • And more!

Is your electricity as energy-efficient as can be? Schedule your free, no-obligation service estimate and find out today!

Case Studies From Union
Customer called in looking to get a permanent solution for the chill they could feel coming from the attic.
This customer in Union, NJ called for a clogged basement toilet. What our technician found was much more than an ordinary toilet call. There were...
A homeowner in Union, NJ had two rooms that were not comfortable in summer or winter. The hassle and expense of running ductwork was not something...
Press Releases From Union
Owner, Paul Giglio Jr., announces a milestone moment for Pipe Works Services Inc. Kailyn Reyes, of Newark, New Jersey has been recruited by Pipe Works Services as the first female HVAC technician.... [Read more]
Job Stories From Union, NJ
Lennox Furnace Installation in Union, New Jersey

Our technicians Chris and Shakil installed a Lennox furnace, coil, condenser and lineset. They connected to the supply and return ductwork. The technicians repiped the drains and flue. Then they sealed all holes and connections. Additionally, they did a combustion test and everything is working properly. They gave the customer a walk through on everything to ensure ease of use. 

Lennox Furnace Installation in Union, New Jersey - Photo 1
Interior Insulation Installation In Union New Jersey

Front exterior wall of home- Upgrade 2'' x 4'' wall insulation with dense-packed TruSoft cellulose insulation by drilling multiple 2 1/4" holes in wall from the inside, dense packing each cavity with TruSoft cellulose insulation then plugging and patching each hole with one coat of spackle. Painting is not included.

- Right exterior wall- Upgrade 2'' x 4'' wall insulation with dense-packed TruSoft cellulose insulation by drilling multiple 2 1/4" holes in wall from the inside, dense packing each cavity with TruSoft cellulose insulation then plugging and patching each hole with one coat of spackle. Painting is not included.

Interior Insulation Installation In Union New Jersey - Photo 1
Insulation Installation of three exterior walls in Union, New Jersey

Apply approximately 2" closed cell spray foam on three exterior wall 2 x 10 rim joists. Small section under stairs accessible from crawl space door in garage will be insulated with approximately 2" of closed cell foam

Insulation Installation of three exterior walls in Union, New Jersey - Photo 1
Work Requests From Union, NJ
Vicinity of Stillwell Road in Union
Mini-split air conditioner not working properly leaking water
Vicinity of Crawford Terrace in Union
Need installation/removal of 40 gallon hot water heater in basement of home.
Vicinity of Hemlock Road in Union
Hello, I'm looking to get an estimate to add new outlets in my basement and in my garage. Thanks,
Vicinity of Broadmoor Crt in Union
We own a rental unit in NJ that is currently rented to tenants (we live in NY ~4 hours away). We need the air filters replaced and vents cleaned for our tenants
Vicinity of Barton Road in Union
Looking at what options there are to replace my existing central air conditioning system. Current unit just had its capacitor replaced and the unit is old as well.
Vicinity of Garden Street in Union
I was wondering if you guys offered any repiping services. A majority of the pipes in our 2 and a half bath house are very old. Thanks
Vicinity of Victor Ave in Union
Looking to set up an appt for free estimate in regards to insulating(spray foam) under my front porch
Paul F. Union, NJ
Better cost efficient insulation
Vicinity of Colgate Pl in Union
Main sewer line clogged. Will need the plumber to snake the line.
Vicinity of Evergreen Pkwy in Union
I have 4 drains in my house I want snaked out
Vicinity of Oakwood Cres in Union
Faucet in tub is leaking. Try to turn off but it turns right back on
Vicinity of W. Chestnut St in Union
Saw that you are 24/7 so would like to know if you would be able to provide me with someone to help with my sewer main that is backing into the shower of basement and will not stop
Vicinity of Morris Ave in Union
Comment: Service Plumbing Services Source Facebook/Instagram
Vicinity of Saint Johns Place in Union
No proper supply of heat in one of the bedroom in first floor as well as second floor.
Vicinity of Pinehurst Crt in Union
Need inspection of dryer vent and chimney ASAP for Condo HOA. HOA is requiring inspection report and certificate of insurance naming the condo HOA as an additional insured. I have already had these inspected and cleaned however previous contractor never provided report or certificate of insurance.
Vicinity of Cider Mill Rd in Union
Attic spray foam insulation
Vicinity of Liberty Ave in Union
Need an estimate to replace pipe from bathtub to sewer pipe
Vicinity of Minute Arms Rd in Union
The kitchen ceiling leaks when the shower is running
Vicinity of Frederick Ter in Union
I want to change my oil furnace to gas. I also need to change my AC unit condensor.
Vicinity of Lilac Drive in Union
My cooling system is currently leaking due to condensation of HVAC. It's possibly causing problems to my downstairs neighbors' ceiling.