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At Pipe Works Services we are proud to serve our area because we put customer service above everything else. Our trained technicians use only the highest quality materials from the best manufacturers around, ensuring quality & long-lasting results for your home. We want to help find the solution that will work best for you!

We know that plumbing isn’t something that most people think about until something goes wrong. When pipes freeze, crack or begin to leak, then we are the contractor for you! No job is too big or too small and we can provide reliable, quality repairs and replacements so that the job is done right the first time. Our team of plumber technicians is ready for your call to fix your plumbing problems. Pipe Works Services is regarded as one of the best plumbers in Union, NJ, so you can rely on getting the job done right the first time!

A common problem with water that comes into your home or business is that it is “hard” water, making your water heaters work harder than they need to. This compromises the ability of the heaters to clean your dishes and clothes the right way, leaving the chance for bacteria in the water to cause illness. Trust the experts at Pipe Works Services to provide water conditioning and water treatments that will ensure your water is clean, safe, and healthy.