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Water Heaters - Hot Water Heater Spewing Water in Summit, NJ

Hot Water Heater Spewing Water in Summit, NJ
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Customer had an issue with the relief system on the water heater, it was spewing water out. customer turned off the unit from the main gas controller. After diagnosing, found that we replaced the main pressure control system and installed a new expansion safety system.
advised customer that the relief system is malfunctioning and needs to be replaced.
Replace the relief and pressure system on the water heater, re-pressurized and light up the water heater, it’s functioning properly.
Advised customer that I noticed a lot of hardness build up and that it can cause severe damage to the appliances and plumbing system in the house.
Left an estimate to install a new water softener.
Also noticed that the customer have a crawl space and it’s not insulated properly, causing a lot of cold air to sneak into the unconditioned area.