The majority of homes here in Chatham, NJ, rely on ducted central heating systems to stay warm in the winter. They offer excellent efficiency and decent comfort in almost all kinds of conditions. However, ducted central heating systems do have some disadvantages. One of them is that they tend to create hot and cold spots throughout a home. This happens because the typical central heating system relies on a single thermostat to measure the indoor temperature. However, there’s a solution to that. It’s called a zoned heating system. Here’s what a zoned heating system is and seven great benefits you’d get from installing one.

What Is a Zoned Heating System?

A zoned heating system is a type of add-on for a ducted central heating system. It breaks up the home into multiple independent heat zones, each with its own temperature controls. A zoned heating system uses motorized dampers installed in your home’s ductwork to control airflow in your home. It also includes a control system that interprets signals from multiple thermostats and adjusts the dampers accordingly. Best of all, almost all kinds of furnaces and other ducted systems work with zoned heating system controls. So you don’t need to change much in your home to add a zoned heating system.

Types of Homes That Benefit From Zoned Heating Systems

Zoned heating systems are a great solution for homes with challenging heating conditions. Such conditions include:

  • Multi-story homes
  • Homes with sunrooms
  • Homes with large windows
  • Homes with varying levels of sun exposure
  • Homes with rooms that aren’t used often
  • Homes with open layouts or high ceilings

In those circumstances, a zoned heating system can help a furnace maintain even temperatures throughout your home. However, that’s not all. The following are the seven most important benefits that come from having a zoned heating system.

1. Elimination of Hot and Cold Spots

The most obvious benefit of a zoned heating system is the elimination of hot and cold spots in your home. By breaking up your home into smaller heating zones, a zoned system helps your heating equipment provide the right amount of heat to each zone. This also means you gain the ability to set different temperatures in different parts of your home. It’s an excellent option for homes with occupants that have differing comfort preferences.

2. Better Energy Efficiency

With a conventional heating system, there are usually only two options: on or off. This means you’re often paying to heat parts of your home that don’t need it. A zoned heating system improves the energy efficiency of your existing heating system by preventing that. For example, if only a single zone in your home requires heat, your heating system won’t have to run as long to deliver it. That can reduce the costs of heating your home significantly. According to some estimates, you may cut your heating costs up to 30% by installing a zoned heating system.

3. Extended Heating System Life

Under normal circumstances, you can expect a well-maintained furnace or heating system to give you up to 30 years of service before needing replacement. A zoned heating system can extend the lifespan of your furnace even more. This is because of the reduced demand for heat created by a zoned system. That prevents unnecessary wear and tear on your furnace and helps it to last longer. It also reduces the odds of component failures, which will minimize ongoing repair costs for your heating system.

4. Improved Indoor Air Quality

A zoned heating system also improves the indoor air quality in your home. It does this by limiting the circulation of dust and dirt from one part of your home to another. It can be a great benefit for allergy sufferers or anyone in your home with asthma or other breathing difficulties. For example, if you have pets, you might create a single heating zone for your home’s bedrooms that would reduce the circulation of pet dander there. That would improve the sleep quality and comfort of the allergy sufferers in your home.

5. Flexible Installation Options

Depending on the type of heating system you have, you may also have multiple installation options for your zoned heating system. For example, a forced-air, ducted, single-stage heating system can typically support up to three zones in your home. A forced-air, ducted, multi-stage heating system can support up to four zones. This makes it possible to customize your home’s comfort by adding additional zones as needed. You might, for example, create a separate zone on each floor of your home. Or, you might split it based on what times of day different parts of your home receive the most sun exposure. Our expert HVAC technicians can help you design the perfect zone layout for your home’s needs and retrofit your heating system to support it.

6. Advanced Control Options

A zoned heating system can also work with the latest smart thermostat models to give you more control over your home’s indoor environment. Some smart thermostats include remote temperature sensors that take the place of individual thermostats in a zoned system. This makes monitoring conditions throughout every zone in your home easier by centralizing control in one place. It also makes it possible to control all of your heating zones from anywhere with an internet connection.

Using a smart thermostat in concert with a zoned heating system can also supercharge your energy efficiency gains. With a conventional heating system, a smart thermostat might deliver up to a 12% efficiency gain. However, the additional control afforded by a zoned system can allow a smart thermostat to deliver many times that amount in efficiency benefits.

7. Reduced Environmental Impact

Lastly, a zoned heating system is an excellent way to minimize the environmental impact of your furnace or other heating equipment. By cutting down on your furnace’s energy use, you reduce your home’s carbon footprint. This is true whether you’re using a natural gas or an electric furnace. Fewer operating hours means less fuel or electricity consumed. That, in turn, means less carbon emissions due to your furnace’s combustion process or from the electrical generation source powering your furnace.

Your Zoned Heating System Specialists

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