If you’re like many homeowners, your water contains more than just water. It’s filled with dissolved minerals that are picked up as the water runs through underwater aquifers. These minerals can cause all kinds of problems in your home, ranging from scale build-up in your pipes to making your soaps work inefficiently. A water softener can eliminate these problems.

The number one problem that hard water can cause is called scale. This is when minerals in the water fall out of the solution and start to build up on the interior surfaces of your pipes. An outward sign of this is yellow or orange staining in your bathtubs and sinks. The scale does two major things: it decreases the radius of your pipes, increasing water pressure, and it builds up on the interior of your water heater, toilet flushing mechanism, and other appliances, making them far less efficient and/or more prone to failure.

The two most damaging minerals in hard water are magnesium and calcium. They reduce the amount of soap that dissolves in water and are the source of soap scum in your bathroom. This leads to excessive soap use. It also reduces the efficiency of all your cleaning appliances – especially your clothes washer and dishwasher. The best way to eliminate these problems is to have a water softener installed.

The water softener uses salt and ion-charged resin beads to collect the calcium and magnesium in the water and replace them with sodium. Once you have a water softener installed, the quality of your cleaning will be noticeably better. Your soap will lather better. You will have cleaner, softer hair. Your clothes, towels, and other linens will look cleaner and last longer. And your appliances will work more efficiently and last longer.

In addition to looking and feeling cleaner, your wallet will be healthier as well. The federal Bureau of Statistics found that soft water can reduce your household cleaning bill by up to 69 percent.

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